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A Bright Second considers the ubiquitous problem of ageism in the most appropriate setting possible: the Sunshine State. This ode to Florida examines the paradox of living in the age of SnapChat and the age of nostalgia--a time when seniors are living longer than ever and young people are avoiding adulthood more avidly than ever.

An unlikely pair (Cecilia, 30’s, and Dot, 70’s) explores the nooks and crannies of Florida’s artistic and quirky underbelly. This singular friendship between two kindred spirits separated by nearly 50 years illuminates the nuances of age, nostalgia, body image and bonds between women.


Directed by: Gloria Muñoz

Written by: Gloria Muñoz & Eleanor Eichenbaum

Starring: Pat Fisher & Caitlin Morris

with Hannah Barrens, RJ Hunt, Steffie Neubauer, Xia Orozco & Erica Sutherlin


Production Manager: Chanel Waterhouse

Director of Photography: Tine DiLucia

Assistant Camera: Jake DiLucia

Production Designer: Eleanor Eichenbaum

Art Director: Joshua Steward

Costume Designer: Devon Moore Curtin

Sound Designer/Mixer: Amy Nestor

Boom Operator: Andres Paz

Assistant Director: Nicole DeVault

Production Assistant: Kiera Standard

A Bright Second
A Bright Second
A Bright Second
A Bright Second
A Bright Second