Keep Me Posted - Casting Call

3x20 comedic web series

Filming in NYC Nov/Dec 2016, dates TBD

  • Please send reel, headshot, and resume to by this Friday, October 21st to be considered.
  • We will contact you on Sunday, 10/23 if we’d like to bring you in for an audition.
  • Auditions will be held in the evening on Tuesday, 10/25

Logline: Keep Me Posted is a biting look at the impact of texting and social media on our closest relationships, told through the lives of 3 childhood friends trying to grow up without growing apart. As the friends’ lives diverge in significant, challenging ways for the first time, they hide their respective struggles behind a constant flurry of chipper texts and insincere status updates, and the technology that used to keep them close begins to push them apart.


ALI - CAST - (25, Lead) Ali is a list-maker, the person who schedules every day out the night before, and who doesn’t need Facebook to remember a birthday. Reliable and practical, Ali’s the “together” friend, and she likes it that way. But when she gets engaged and moves in with her fiance, Ali’s perfectly-controlled world is upended, and she’s desperately trying to hide the fact that she feels anything but together.

BECCA - CAST - (26, Lead) Becca is a romantic and an idealist, always fantasizing about the private lives of the people she meets and dreaming about a future as a prolific writer. But living in her head means she’s not always prepared for reality; her punctured fantasies have left a string of jilted guys in her wake, and her lack of direction and follow-through mean that her dreams are just that - dreams. When her inability to push herself costs Becca her job, she’s finally forced to take a closer look at the way she’s living her life, and work up the confidence to take some risks.

KAVITA - CAST - (25, Lead) Bubbly and social, Kavita’s the kind of person who can makes anyone she meets feel like they’re talking to an old friend. Usually. When she finally lands a job and moves in with Becca, she’s dismayed to find that having the perfectly crafted life doesn’t chase away the gloom, and she’s confronted with the fact that her temporary ‘funk,’ may actually be something more.

CAL/CALLIE - (Supporting, 20s, Male or Female, Any Ethnicity) a barista with a killer smile and enough charm to ensure a full tip jar at the end of every shift. But as Becca learns when the two start hooking up, Cal/Callie’s charm is all surface, with no real personality to back it up.

AARON - (Supporting, 25, Male, Any Ethnicity) Ali’s fiance. Aaron would be the perfect, doting fiancé if he weren’t so oblivious. He’s smitten with Ali and wants nothing more than to live with her in a little bubble of pre-marital bliss, but he doesn’t realize he’s full of inconsiderate little habits, or that Ali isn’t quite sure she’s ready for marriage.

PREETHI - (Supporting, 50s/60s, Female, Indian American ) Kavita’s mom. Preethi is a ball of energy and good intentions. She and Kavita are close, but Preethi pushes the boundaries of their relationship and gets overly involved in her daughter’s life, even though she doesn’t quite understand what Kavita is going through.

JO - (Supporting, 20s/30s, Male or Female, Any Ethnicity) Ali’s annoyingly perfect, perennially positive coworker.

MAX - (Supporting, 20s/30s, Male or Female, Any Ethnicity) Ali’s cynical, sardonic coworker.