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  • BORO Magazine's Katrina Medoff inter-views Caitlin Morris and Kristen Robinson, Keep Me Posted's Producer and Production Designer, respectively.
  • PHP Founder Gloria Muñoz gives tips for female filmmakers in The Independent.
  • Steve Persall of the Tampa Bay Times spends some time on set for our short film, A Bright Second, in St. Pete, FL.
  • A beautiful article detailing the creation and mission of Pitch Her Productions in Crain's Business, written by Addie Morfoot.
  • An inside scoop about our next project, Keep Me Posted, a new comedic web mini-series by Hillary Nussbaum, in Refinery29
  • Caitlin Morris is interviewed by Cindy Stovall in hometown podcast, Beauty and the 'Burg, about Pitch Her.