After a series of rejections, adult-child Alma (Chanel Waterhouse) reaches out to her estranged soul-sister, Jillian (Caitlin Morris), who is now a budding legal professional with her own set of secrets. As they reunite on the brink of their 30's for an upstate nature retreat, they fight to enjoy the moment but find that soon the past comes bubbling up, forcing them to confront the realities of their friendship, their differences and the growing pains of adulthood.

Our Everlasting Universe of Things

Written & Directed by: Gloria Muñoz

Starring: Chanel Waterhouse & Caitlin Morris

with: Zidora Bell, Kevin Moccia, Violet Snow,

Madelyn Mann, Whitney Mann & Devin James Heater

Associate Producer & Production Manager: Hillary Nussbaum

Director of Photography: Tine DiLucia

Production Designer: Brittany Agnew

Editor: Sara Waber

Sound Designer/Mixer: Paola Messina

Assistant Director: Katie Falter

Assistant Camera & Electrics: Maggie Robinson

Music Composed & Performed by: Mark Feinman

Music Recorded & Mixed by: Alejandro Arenas


"Love is Awesome"


"The Response"

by Jamieson Lindenburg