a short series about the worst type of human interaction.

Written by Justine Neubarth, Run-Ins is a comedy series about those unwanted, awkward encounters in New York that we've all begrudgingly endured.

In order to support and connect female filmmakers, we are approaching this project in as an episodic lab. We will be gradually producing the first season over the next year, with each episode featuring a different female director and female cinematographer.

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Justine Neubarth - Creator of RUN-INS

Meet the creator!


JUSTINE NEUBARTH is a writer and sometimes-performer now (recently) based in LA. In her previous life as a New Yorker, she made sketches and web series as a member of the comedy group Bioux, including as a co-writer on MyBnB (winner of the Made in NY award at the 2016 Brooklyn WebFest). In her present life, she ferries Diet Cokes and answers phones as an assistant on The Blacklist.  She has written for NBC Sports and Produced By Magazine and The Hairpin, and is a graduate of Williams College.