Am i beautiful

This music video of the song, "Am I Beautiful", comes off singer/songwriter SHIRA's debut album, Till The Sun Comes. SHIRA wrote the song for her good friend Shirin Tinati, after she was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. The video was released on International Women's Day.

Shira Averbuch - Pitch Her Productions

Shira Averbuch

Actor. Singer-Songwriter. Tree hugging fairy.

Shira was born in Rochester, NY to Israeli parents and split her time growing up between Israel and the States. Had a short stint as a singing soldier in the Israeli Army (yup, that's right...) Moved to NYC for college and fell madly in love with the concrete jungle. Was cast in a few Off Broadway shows (for full theatre credits CLICK HERE, Proud AE member!) One of those Off Broadway shows was, Solitary Light, at Axis Theater Company where she met the incredible, Paul Carbonara, former music director and guitarist of the pop band Blondie. As they worked on Solitary Light a magical musical connection emerged and they've been musical partners ever since.

Together they recorded Shira's debut album, Till the Sun Comes, a fairy folk album with a touch of country jazz. All the songs were written by Shira and produced by Paul Carbonara.


Singer: Shira Averbuch | Director: Shirin Tinati

Director of Photography: Monika Kolodziej | Gaffer: Mike Pacyna

Editor: Laurel Metzler | Produced by SHIRA, Pitch Her Productions & YAWA Media

Cast: Shira Averbuch & Lucia Ingold

Assitant Director: Taylor Coriell | SFX Make-up by: Elizabeth Tripp

Special thanks to Adi Kozlovsky, Hadar Noiberg & Ava Alter

Three words

Pitch Her Productions collaborated with Punskription and Lex Rush on Three Words, a music video focused on female empowerment.  

The video was filmed in the CHOK SABAI GYM in Manhattan. 

Lex Rush shot.jpg

Meet the creators...

LEX RUSH, a Queens native, is a champion of multiple freestyle/battle events, including Freestyle Mondays and Supreme BARS – Village Voice dubbed her the “first lady of freestyle rap”; she released the EPs ‘Really Every Day’ and ‘Unbridled Enthusiasm’ ( “Joey Bada$$ meets MC Lyte meets a bit of a feminism and anti-bullshit-government for good measure” says Speed on the Beat) in 2015 and 2014, respectively. Her latest release is 3's Company, a collaboration with Blake the Skorp and Shaky Fingers. 

IG: @LexRush13


Musicians: Lex Rush & Paul Payabyab-Cruz | Director: Paul Payabyab-Cruz

Director of Photography: Tine DiLucia | Assistant Camera: Jake DiLucia

Editor: Dylan DeMarko | Produced by Pitch Her Productions

Fighters (Nak Muay)/Actresses:

Samantha Cruz, Stephanie Cruz, Tracy Llewellyn, Camille Britton, Giulia D'Ambrosio