photo by Devon Moore Curtin

photo by Devon Moore Curtin

Pitch Her Productions is a non-profit production company formed for the purpose of encouraging, fostering, and promoting the advancement of women in the film industry, including the creation of more roles for women, both in front of and behind the camera. We seek to enhance the female voice and to inspire girls and women of all ages.  Our desire is to create work that benefits female artists and filmmakers, a demographic which has historically been underrepresented in the film industry. 

The founders, Caitlin Morris, Gloria Muñoz and Chanel Waterhouse, became friends doing theater on the Gulf Coast of Florida, where all three were born and raised. Though they attended different colleges, spread across the country, and individually honed in on their own respective paths, these three managed to stay friends, knowing that one day their shared interests in creativity and activism would spawn a collaboration. Over a decade since they first met as awkward teenagers, they have finally formed a company to pursue a better and more egalitarian tomorrow.


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